Irradia Energy is firmly committed to renewable energies because we are convinced of the potential of these energy sources worldwide and especially in Latin America and our responsibility to preserve the environment.

We strive for continuous improvement in our various lines of business and we want to develop new lines of business in innovative projects involving our growth and diversification strategy where our experience brings an added value.

This entrepreneurial spirit committed to a sustainable development of renewable energy encompasses all stages of the process from the processing to the operation, and is the result of over 14 years of experience in biomass plants, wind farms and solar photovoltaic. Our work begins with the location of sites, development of engineering for plant design and dimensioning of installations.

We carry out the processing of applications, licensing, investment and financial analysis, as well as construction and commissioning. Once built, we manage the operation and sale of the energy produced by what we put special emphasis on optimizing cost and efficiency of the plants, with a continuous improvement in the design and I & D.

We understand the importance of human capital performs project management, supplier relationship and the development of products and services to our customers. These tasks require dedication, teamwork and continuous effort to obtain a high quality to ensure maximum performance and energy production throughout the life of the facility.